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Lithographing FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How fast can I get my labels?

  • Generally speaking, it takes about two weeks to deliver your product, however there may be some variables. If the job requires extensive film or artwork it may take more time. Conversely, repeat orders may require less time.
Do you inventory labels?
  • Yes, we have an Inventory Management System. We will warehouse your order for up to one year. Inventory lists will be sent to you monthly or upon request, and product is invoiced upon shipment. Your product is available at all times and is only a phone call away.

What are your press capabilities?

  • We have presses that will print up to seven colours including a varnish. We have the capability of printing on the back of a label for coupons, tags and other two-sided work. We can sheet directly from the press as well as die-cut and slit. We also offer a number of finishing options.

What are some pricing advantages?

  • Since most of the cost for a job is in the setup, ordering larger quantities of labels, grouping similar labels on a run, or using common plates for products combine to lower your cost per unit. We may also be able to suggest less expensive raw materials or alternative methods of production to help to reduce costs.

Can you send us a catalogue or a price list?

  • All of the work that we do is custom for your company. We do a quote for each job that we produce and can give you quotes for different quantities to help you choose the best option.

Can I e-mail my artwork?

  • Yes, you can e-mail your artwork directly to us and we can begin to process the job.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at our e-mail address or call our North American toll-free number 1-800-265-1246


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